"Aside from being an amazing person, my teeth look amazing and you took stellar care of me! Best dental experience ever, and I have a phobia"

Dr. Megan Wilson (La Jolla, CA)

  I went to Dr. Reddy for an emergency root canal. The infection had spread to my jaw causing an abscess and I was in excruciating pain. Now, I'm a HUGE wuss and HATE going to the dentist because I do not numb well and usually feel most procedures. Dr. Reddy, was professional, caring, fast, informative, and most of all...GOT ME NUMB!!! I did not feel a single "tingle" of pain or anything else throughout the entire root canal process. I could have fallen asleep in the chair! I will be a patient for life!

John J (Oceanside, CA)

  My teeth look gorgeous thanks to Dr. Reddy in La Jolla. Best dental experience ever ;0)

Christian Ruiz (San Diego, CA)

"Many thanks go out to Pravina Reddy( Mylajolladentist PravinaReddy) @ MyLajolla Dentist for taking such great care of me today. Unlike every other dentist I've visited, she made me feel comfortable and at ease and was more than understanding when it came to my...lets say...dentist related anxiety...I definitely recommend...and her to anyone with a touch of odontophobia LOL. (fear of the Dentist...wikipedia)"

Eddie Izm (Los Angeles/San Diego, CA)

"My La Jolla Dentist - Dr. Reddy is a great dentist. I'd been going to the same dentist for a long time and felt it was time for a change. I found Dr. Reddy and had a good experience from start to finish which was x-rays and cleaning to having a broken cavity filling fixed. I felt no pain and the staff was very nice and professional. I highly recommend My La Jolla Dentist. I'll be going back. "

Lee M (La Jolla, CA)

"I need to come in some time Aug/Sept and do my lil filling and get some bleach for my teeth. Ill be in touch. xoxox ♥ Hope all is well"

Rebecca Miller (Pacific Beach, CA)

"On a serious note..Tremendous experience...Thanx for an awesome job..my teeth look great..thanx"

Kevin Kego (San Diego, CA)

  "Despite all the fun we had yesterday. ..my dentures are more white than ever..just like when I was a baby...and no more 80 yrs old Dentist....LOL..see in 2 weeks for my crown"

La Jolla, CA

"I didn't feel a thing and my teeth are about five shades whiter. Thanks for the great dental experience.Thanks again Vina:)"

Matthew Warchola (La Jolla, CA)

  "‎2day was an awesome day 4 me.....I went 2 a new dentist and she was BEAUTIFUL...she's got the right attitude....she's one on one, very gentle when explaining not like ...hurry hurry, info info, she's a GOOD person & has a GOOD soul...& her Asst....Letty U 2 r awesome...Ur very thorrroooough!....Thank U ladies U made my day/weekend/yr...Anyone looking 2 switch dentists....she's good & I only had 1 visit!"

Selena Padilla (San Diego, CA)

"Dr. Reddy took care of my friend Julie the other day, and Julie cant stop talking about how different she is to all the dentists in La Jolla, seems like she just really cares about people. "

John Torino (Clairemont, CA)

"I visited Dr. Reddy because I wanted to add a veneer to a tooth. She told me some different options I could go with and was very helpful. It was a great experience and she was very friendly and affordable.

Shaun S. (San Diego, CA)


"Thank you for helping my friend out, there are not many dentists/ Drs like you out there!Kamla Singh I have to admit that going to dentists is not my favorite thing to do on my day off, but when it comes to Dr Reddy I have to say that she is truly a beautiful person, and her office make me feel very at home, I have and will continue to send my friends and colleagues to Dr Reddy."

Kamla Singh (Los Angeles, CA)



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